Improve your Dance Posture-Improve your Dance! Presto!

Today I’m giving a tip about how to work on your POSTURE even during the day, when not actually dancing. Posture immediately fixes lead/follow, balance, weight transfer, muscle tension/release, minimize stress on the body, dance for longer, sweat less, look smoother, more in control and feel super confident (and look pretty snazzy, even if you don’t know a lot yet!).

**** Trained dancers**** learn how to separate their body into 3 parts, essentially: The torso extends and lifts and stops at the shoulders which press down. Meanwhile, the pelvis/legs/feet press downwards. This way you can leverage your top part with the bottom part. Your top can push off your hips or knees or feet!

Legs= base of a cupboard
Body= lifts up, standing tall
Shoulders= The heavy’cap’ that presses down so the cupboard doesnt rattle or fall over!

Pay close attention now! Learn this and change everything about your dancing!!!

Amateurs either pull everything down, in a collapsed version (so heavy),  or pull everything up and feel like they’re walking on TOP of the floor instead of DOWN n THROUGH the floor (no balance, not anchored, too wobbly!).

From your belt line down to your feet, the energy or weight is going downwards to the floor. You can prompt yourself by thinking/feeling sand in your legs, tailbone down, relax your glutes. Then feel the balls of your feet pressing constantly into the floor and imagine the floor coming up to them, giving you a sensation of full support. You can pretend you are 2 inches under the floor moving horizontally , almost skating.or gliding as you move. Your weight should be either across the ball of your foot, or a little more towards the ball and less towards your pinky toe. If you slightly turn your toes out too, your balance will be way better!

From the top of your pelvis or pubic bone, stretch upwards. (People usually say belly button, but dont forget about that piece just under it, especially coz that’s where most of the abs u use are located.) The more lifted you are, the more you can isolate and move up into your ribcage=more range of motion, more body isolation.

OK!!! So during the day, to practice, keep this image of your torso  extending, shoulders down, and the bottom half pressing down and off the ground. Feel that floor: Ground!
When sitting in a chair, press your feet down and press ur tailbone down into ur chair, while straighening your spine….and push down with your shoulders. I know, it’s a lot to get the hang of. But once u GET the MOLD ie the body position, you’re good for LIFE!

Note to kizomba dancers: Amongst other things, the reason people have so much trouble with the saida torques, or leading/following pivots or syncopations, is due to incorrect posture. Keep your chin up as well, and just use your eyes to look down if you must. The moment your head goes foward, that’s 12 lbs changing your posture…

Posture away!!! All day every day! Guess what? In meetings and interactions you can get a 2-for-1, Improve your posture, improve your dance AND  look way more confident in business. It looks so body aware…! S

The next most important topic we’ll talk about is HOW TO WALK IN DANCE! Yep, COZ it’s not a normal walk (normally your heels touch the ground first, in dance it’s the balls of ur feet!). Stay tuned!

Ps. Even though this photo is for ballet, it applies to all partner/social dances. Funny they don’t mention toes turned out here!
posture ballet

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