8 Ways to Learn to dance more efficiently in class

steph teaching

Stephanie of ‘GOdanz’ teaching kizomba in Toronto

Do you get frustrated learning in group dance classes? Feel slow, ‘dumb’, uncoordinated, and want to hide under a rock when you can’t ‘get’ the step?

It’s possible it’s the TEACHER, not YOU! Maybe you don’t know what kind of learner you are, so here are ways to help the teacher help you!

Ask the dance instructor to
1) Count the steps to get a relativity scale, and to understand rhythm like 1 2 3 AND four.
2) Use ‘left , right’ so you know which foot to use , when.
3) Use ‘quick quick slow’ . It helps to understand the rhythm without using counts.
4) Use ‘Africanese ‘ . Ex: ba ba, ba ba baa…to help understand rhythm AND accentuation.
5) Have you dance more to music, to feel more than think.
6) Repeat in drills with or without music to get the movement in your body.
7) Show the move for the visual people, in real time, not broken down coz they want the ‘whole picture’, sometimes in relation to the music too.
8) Explain the motion, ie ‘step step  block and push’, to say what it is, for the visual and cerebral people.

Get the courage to take charge of your learning, and stay positive! Keep practicing and actually go OUT social dancing right away. No one is perfect before going out, you use the clubs and socials to IMPROVE! And since you meet almost the same people over and over again, you start really getting to understand them and dance better with them each time.

Happy learning! Learning (and sunshine, oh and food and music) get me up in the morning and excited about life! Yesssssss!

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