Tarrax- inha, Tarraxo, Fodencia

It’s very interesting to research tarraxinha (tarr -a-SHEENya) in all its permutations. Angolans as far as I’ve gathered, are against using sub-genres for tarraxinha music. I think that’s a big shame because so many sounds are being fused to it, and so it’s better to name them to distinguish all musical movements/revolutions that typically startContinue reading “Tarrax- inha, Tarraxo, Fodencia”

Improve your Dance Posture-Improve your Dance! Presto!

Today I’m giving a tip about how to work on your POSTURE even during the day, when not actually dancing. Posture immediately fixes lead/follow, balance, weight transfer, muscle tension/release, minimize stress on the body, dance for longer, sweat less, look smoother, more in control and feel super confident (and look pretty snazzy, even if youContinue reading “Improve your Dance Posture-Improve your Dance! Presto!”

Part 2- What type of Dance Follower are You? REAL TALK

This is written all in fun, about the ladies, for the men to agree with or disagree with. Remember there are strengths and weaknesses for each type. Note that leaders and followers can be male or female.  1. The Man Whisperer (+) This seductress gets ‘right in there’, so if you like cozy, you’re in forContinue reading “Part 2- What type of Dance Follower are You? REAL TALK”