How long does it take to learn how to dance?

This is a very common question to which there is no concrete answer. Our courses are designed to help you easily absorb the salsa technique regardless of your past dance experience. Everyone learns at a different pace and has different levels of ambition or drive. How far do you want to take it? How much time can you commit to learning? That depends on you!

Do I need a partner?

Most people don’t have a partner. We have volunteers to balance out the male/female ratio and we rotate partners. Most people who take classes are looking to meet new people and go to socials and clubs together.

What if I don’t want to rotate partners and stay with my own partner?

Just tell your instructor-no problem, even though we DO recommend you switch otherwise you could get used to each other’s bad habits…

As a beginner, can I take more than one class per week to accelerate my learning?

Yes! Go to the class schedule for a complete list of available courses for your level. See what package rates and promotions will most benefit you.

What do I wear for classes?

Wear comfortable clothing (and deodorant), as you will sweat! Please avoid heavy perfumes/colognes. Keep your breath fresh to be considerate towards your dance partners.

Do I need ‘dance shoes?’ Where can I find them?

Students should wear leather-bottomed shoes or other comfortable shoes with a slippery bottom. Avoid rubber-soled shoes that grip the floor, flip-flops or shoes without ankle support. It’s recommended to invest in proper supportive dance shoes after Level 2 (when you know for sure you’ll be continuing with salsa…for life!)

What if I miss a class?

You can get caught up in a number of ways:
• Catch up during the next class’s 15-minute review
• Come to the same class offered on a different day at any time within your session.
• Take a private lesson if you fall too far behind.

*For example, attending the Level 1 Tuesday class can catch you up for Level 1 Wednesday, and attending the Wednesday Level 3 class can catch you up Sunday Level 3.

How much do I pay if I join late?

You’re welcome to join late, however you’ll pay the drop-in rate. Keep in mind that you save if you buy early or the first day of class!

What if my work schedule doesn’t allow me to take a weekly class?

Talk to us and we’ll work out a schedule and price for you! Remember that you can also choose a different day of the week to have your course.

GOdanz has the best deal in town with Unlimited Passes. How do those work?

Yes! Our Unlimited GOdanz Passes included any dance class within your level (ask us if you’re unsure), in salsa, bachata, cha cha, zouk, salsa/bachata nite. It doesnt’ include Sunday Salsa Socials and if you want to tack on a performance group pay only $100 extra. The people who take a 6-month to a year pass, improve the most and save the most! The best deal, if you are into the Wednesday night salsa class, bachata class and the guided practice, you automatically get a 2-month unlimited pass (just make sure you start at the begininng of the session).
Get them in 2-4-6 months or 1 year.
Your referral program gives me $50 my next class? Wow!
Yes, refer a friend who takes our 8-week course, and you’ll receive a $50 credit towards your NEXT course.

How is parking at Dovercourt House?

There is plenty of free street parking on Dovercourt Road and surrounding side streets, as well as meter parking on Bloor Street.

What dances are most popular in the Toronto clubs?

Salsa is the most danced, then cha cha and bachata, then reggaeton and merengue. Zouk and kizomba are also on the rise. Fridays and Saturdays at Latin clubs are very busy with people who don’t take classes, so reggaeton, merengue and English music are more popular because they don’t require partner dancing. Saturday is usually a salsa dancer’s night off, everywhere in the world, because it`s too much about flirting and not enough about dancing!

Where can I find a list of clubs in Toronto?

Salsa TO and TO Salsa

What are the best places to dance as a beginner?

The Toronto Salsa Practice hosts a popular salsa practice for beginner to intermediate salsa dancers.
It’s a no-nonsense atmosphere with plenty of other salsa dancers who just want to get better.
• What: Three 2-hour sessions available each starting at: 1:30, 3:30, 5:30 pm
• Where: Trinity St Paul Church, 421 Bloor West
• Our own Sunday Salsa Socials. We have a Taxi Dancer team who are available to dance with you.

Can I take salsa and another dance at the same time?

Yes! We suggest you take at least one salsa class to understand partner dancing dynamics, and then do bachata, cha cha and zouk so you won’t be sitting down at the dance socials or clubs.

What do I wear in clubs? Is it casual or dressy?

That depends on the night of the week and/or the venue, however salsa these days is either very relaxed or dressy casual.
There are 2 rules:
1) Wear dance-friendly fabrics (that absorb sweat, that don’t show sweat and that stretch with movement).
2) Take pride in your presentation as much as you can. Avoid long dangly things.

What is the age range at the GOdanz classes?

The average is 30-40 years, although it includes everyone from 25-65. Age is a non-issue in Latin Dancing!

Where can I buy salsa music?

Your best bet when starting your salsa music collection is to buy compilations. If you hear a particular song at a social event, don’t be afraid to ask the DJ who the artist is. There is such a variety of salsa sounds out there. Explore! In addition to general music stores, check out Itunes or ask us for a list of artists you can research online. Unfortunately there are no longer cd stores in Toronto.

Where can I learn more about the salsa scene?

Ask us!

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