MyKiz Practice

The GoDanz MyKiz Practice is a new and unique concept for SERIOUS IMPROVERS!
It’s like a public private lesson, where we customize the exercises and drills, specific to your needs.

It’s not a social dance, it’s a guided practice where you focus on a particular aspect of your dance: Balance, Flow, Lead/Follow, Energy Matching, Body Awareness, Muscle Tension (tension/release), Smoothness, Enjoyment level, Timing, Musicality, Styling.
You are able to talk to your dance partner and give/receive feedback, unlike in a social setting. The repetition of exercises helps you gain muscle memory so you don’t have to think while dancing at a social or club.

There’s often a gap between taking lessons, and going out dancing for ‘enjoyment’. It’s hard to enjoy when you are constantly thinking instead of feeling!
So we created this monthly practice for you to bridge that gap.

Dates: TBA! We have changed from monthly Saturdays and are focusing on Tropical Tuesdays at this time.

Dovercourt House, main floor, 3-6pm.

3-4pm Lesson $10 for lesson and open practice
4-6pm $5 only for open practice, includes snowball (guided feedback session for 20 min)

We have video analysis tools, physical tools to help you improve.
Come and see for yourself!

Farhad F: Hi Stephanie! Funny I was gonna write to you and thank you for it! It was amazing! It was the first time I had a lesson/practice where others were either at my level, or more advanced. And the relaxed and friendly atmosphere where we could give each one feedback was exciting! I told a few people about it last night and I wish it were more often. At least biweekly. But I’ll make sure to make it to the next one! I only wish I had recorded the lesson so I can refer to it later. But it’s alright. Also, the kiz room last night was great as well, and I can see how it’ll draw more people to kiz in the future. Thanks again! You’re amazing! XO

Carmen B: This unique formula, to work together to become better dancers, to “juice” more enjoyment out of our dance is priceless. I love the collaborative feedback and working in finding solutions rather than frowning in frustration. We laugh at our silliness and dare to style. Successful or not..we are having fun and feel accomplished at the end of the day. Love to wrap up with an early dinner and some impromptu dances.
For next time if you like spanakopita we can all go to my favourite family own Greek bakery that makes the most delicious spanakopita (and not only) .
Stephanie and Darren, thank you for putting your heart and soul into it and make this such a successful and meaningful event.

Lola T: Saturday’s Kiz Practice this past weekend, was much more then I expected! I really enjoyed the structured practice, where we learned new complex moves and had the opportunity to receive feedback. Best of all, the energy of the event is welcoming of all levels, great venue (nice floor and air flow) and lots of yummy treats!

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