Welcome to our GOdanz Kizomba Academy! We offer mostly kizomba classes, combined with semba. You can however, take private lessons in salsa, mambo on2, bachata or cha cha, and we DO have the longest running Sunday Salsa Social and now Kizomba Social in Toronto!

Example of our schedule:
godanz july sched

Kizomba Schedule @ GOdanz:

All kizomba classes are workshop-style and are drop-in!
Learn your basics in a condensed month. Get $10 back and a free social when you take the full course, 4 weeks x 2 hrs on Tuesdays.
ABC Kizomba Challenge-for beginners
DEF Kizomba Sequencing (for those who took ABC)

★ Techie Tuesdays 8-10pm Kizomba Esssentials with

ABC in Sept
ABC n DEF in October
ABC in November
Try to come the 1st Tuesday of the month to get all 4 classes in!



★ Workshop Wednesdays 7-9pm. Ongoing and Drop-in! Do check when Stephanie is away training, we replace these with Snowball n Feedback from 8 – 9:30pm (first two Wed in Sept/last two Wed in Nov/First two Wed in Dec).

★Adv Kizomba Training 9-10:45pm by invite only. July is Tarraxinha intensive for intermediate dancers learning advanced body movement.

No classes Tues Aug 29, Wed Aug 30th.



★ Social Sundays 5pm Level 2 Kizomba Variations (adv beg)

★ Social Sundays 6:15-7pm Intro to Kizomba


Techie Tuesday Special

Here ‘s how you do it:
Come to our ABC Kizomba Challenge every Techie Tuesday 8-10pm at the start of the month.
You’ll learn about 8 fundamental moves in total.

Attend ALL FOUR classes, and can complete the moves taught , we’ll give you free social passes AND $10 back.

Pay $20 as you go along per Tuesday. So it’s $80 total -or $70 with
$10 bucks back. (the socials are worth $10 so it’s like $60 now!)

We just want you to know your kizomba basics-all of them, not just 3 of them. We want you to feel like you have the scope of this dance, and are equipped forever more. And, we want you to access this beautiful world of kizomba!

No partner needed, but fun if you bring one so you can practice outside of class more easily. Then get ready for  the”DEF” Challenge offered in July, August, October. (Scroll down)

Get your kizomba essentials ON!

Example of ABC structure:



There are 3 Videos, A, B and C.
Here is Video ‘A’  :
Basics 1, 2, 3, marca, walk with marca, rock step, walk with rock step, rock step, walk on the outside of lady.

Video B

B: Staircase,  man’s saida, lady’s saida, rock step, 1/4 turns, saida cha cha, rock step, saida cha cha + staircase.

Video C: rock step, flip into balada from back rock, finish with lady’s saida; rock step, lady’s saida into flip balada, finish with lady’s saida. lady’s saida into Cuban side to side, finish with balada/saida. Around the world, finish with saida/cha cha/1/4 turn combo.


New D-E-F Kizomba Variation Challenge

★Techie Tuesdays featuring  “DEF” 4-week kizomba challenge. Learn most common variations of basic figures from ABC. We are doing a GHI course in October so that our regular students can focus on some other elements. (Most people take ABC and DEF twice!)

Example of DEF structure:



Wednesday and Sunday Workshop Themes: Intermediate levels
Wed 7:00-9:00pm for $15. Great value!

 Workshop Wednesday Schedule:


May 31 – Syncopations to add to your musicality (fast steps-requires technique)

June 7/14/21 SNOWBALL KIZOMBA PRACTICE from 8 – 9:30pm for only $5.
Guided practice where you change partners after each song without instruction. (Stephanie is away).

Regular 7-9pm workshop series continues throughout July n every Wednesday of the year!


 Advanced Kiz Training:

Every Wednesday 9-10:45pm. $20
For hardcore dancers who are open to learning progressive kizomba, with body isolations and challenging rhythmic variations.
July’s focus will be TARRAXHINA.


For details on classes, (like what to wear, rotating parterns etc)
click here.

 Payment options: Cash only.

No partner necessary! In fact most of our students register without one. 

Every class is self contained and therefore drop-in friendly. The more you come,  the faster you’ll learn and the more connected you’ll be to your progress.
We actually prefer drop-ins as more people come on a consistent basis and learn more within a level. You can learn so much in level 2 if you come every week for up to a year! Oh yes! Enjoy the journey…

You can pay as you go and get discounts when you take 2 classes per day which include the socials if you’re attending Sundays.

Privates: Email steph@godanz.com. FB is better: GOdanz Kizomba.

What to wear: Comfortable clean fresh clothes, deodorant and fresh breath. No strong perfumes or cologne. This dance is close!

Kizomba Class Descriptions

Intro to kizomba (Sun) Learn 5 basic steps, hip movement, how to connect in kizomba, lead n follow, posture, handholds, knee connection, kizomba vs semba walk and small variations. 

Level 1 (Tues) Kiz Essential and Kiz Technique: Even if you’ve partner danced before, you’ll quickly notice how different kizomba is. We therefore focus on the movement of the 1st basic-without it, no other move will make sense to your partner. Take at least 4 Tuesday classes to be comfortable with 4 basics and 2 saidas (core move).

Level 2 (Sun) This is for people who are comfortable leading or following Kizomba basics and already know man’s and lady’s saida. You’ll learn more core moves and variations. Learn timing, 3 rhythm variations, continue working on posture and frame, mastering the kizomba/semba walks. (Wed/Sun)

Workshops  (Wed) This is for kizomba addicts. The variations are more complex using syncopations, sharper turns, harder body leads, and leg passes. There is more emphasis on musicality and rhythmical ‘stretching’ of core moves.

Adv Kizomba Training (Wed) This is for hardcore dancers who want to refine their technique and add more body isolations or polished technique and musicality. Must ask to join.

Level 4: When a workshop says advanced, it means level 4 in kizomba, not other dances. We include more complex concepts with technique, musicality, body isolations, tarraxinha , contrast in tempo and contrast in directional changes.

Tarraxinha and Body Isolations This is for levels 3 and 4, who want to lead and follow hip styling. Improve the quality of  your movement, how to be more sensual and be in control of your movement. Sometimes we offer Lady’s Kizomba Styling, sometimes we offer solo work and other times Partner tarraxinha. (See workshop themes)


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