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Thank you for choosing GOdanz – we want to be the best part of your day!

All our classes are drop-in friendly. You’d be surprised how progressive it is, but without the pressure of pre-paying.
Recommended Dance Plan:
Beginner: Start with Sunday 6:15pm and stay for the social OR start learning signature moves on Tuesdays. Take ABC and DEF for 2-4months as you keep dancing socially.
Intermediate: Start with Sundays 5pm and/or move to Wednesdays
7-9pm workshops as you keep dancing socially.
Advanced:  Come to Wednesdsay 7-9pm to brush up on details, and take the 9-10:45pm study group as you keep dancing socially.
Ask us what festivals to follow outside of Toronto.

Email us for any questions at
or call 416 670 6221.

Drop-in classes
Tuesdays:  ABC (Signature Kizomba/Semba Moves)
or DEF (Kiz/SEmba sequencing of signature moves)
or GHI ( Looping parts of signature moves offered 3x a year)
$20, 8-10pm, 2nd flr.
Attend 4 in a row, we give you $10 back AND a $10 social.

Wednesdays: Workshops have a specific theme weekly. This has less roots moves, and more urban kiz moves, with reference to semba. We don’t teach fusion with other dance styles.
Receive free socials when you are a regular student! $15, 7-9pm. Or add $10 and take advanced.
Advanced Study Group: Imitate a popular Urban Kiz

 couple typically with Paris-style. Study their styling, musicality, technique and signature moves. $20 or add workshop for $5 more.

*Select Wednesdays: Certain dates we replace this schedule with
May 2/9 – June 13/20/27 – Sept 12 – Nov 14 to Dec 19
8pm – 9:30pm $5 / 9:30pm – 11:30pm $5

Sunny Saturdays (for now, monthly) on the DAnforth
MyKiz Practice 2-5pm. $10 for lesson + social or $5 for social only.
310 Danforth Ave /entrance on Jackman Ave/ Hurndale room.


Social Sundays
5-6pm Level 2 Kiz Variations: $15 includes Intro class AND both socials (amazing deal!)
6:15pm – 7pm  Intro to Kizomba for complete beginners
7-11pm Socials

$10 for the Intro class including both socials (kizomba + salsa)
(open til midnite on any long weekend)




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