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Thank you for choosing GOdanz – we want to be the best part of your day!

New! All our classes are now drop-in friendly. We recommend taking the intro class at least 4x as well as dance socially 1x a week in order to attend our Sunday level 2 or Wednesday workshops.  The best is to come Sundays, Tuesdays when you are starting out. Email us for any questions at
or call 416 670 6221.

Drop-ins classes
Tuesdays:  Intro Essentials for $10, Technique for $15 or both for $20, cash.
Wednesdays: Workshops $15 for 2 hours.  Receive some free socials when you are a regular student!

Sunday Level 2 Variations: $15 includes Intro class AND both socials (amazing deal)
$10 for the Intro class including both socials.
$8 just for the socials 




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