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You’ll hear words such as kizomba, semba, tarraxa, tarraxinha, afro-house, kuduro, traditional, urban kizomba. Let’s make sense of these, shall we?

Just like in salsa and bachata, there are different styles that almost feel like a different dance altogether. (And lots of discussion about it-what is authentic, what is fusion, what is not pure, same ol, same ol as with any subject).

Kizomba dance – music is traditional, zouk, ghetto zouk, tarraxa, rnb remix, instrumental. Style is French-style, Hip hop. There is a big cross-over with semba since it’s almost the same dance.

Semba dance- music is semba. Easy! No fusion. It’s also centuries old and since it’s playful, there are many tricks to choose from , however they are very distinctive and not done in other dances.

Tarraxinha dance- music is tarraxa, tarraxo, zouk bass. Style is  not named yet but there is a new wave, created by the Parisians, that I’ll just called Hard Tarraxo for now. It uses a lot of upper body, a lot of tics, and the movement is downward on the beat, unlike kizomba or tarraxinha. It’s totally different and very advanced in terms of body isolations and musicality.

Kuduro dance- music is Afro-House

Enah (France) and Carolina (Spain) -Dance Progressive Kizomba or Urban Kizomba, with fusion.

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