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This page is dedicated to helping you developing your ears when dancing (most of it applies to dance music however I will be focusing on Kizomba/Semba).

Godanz Musicality Tip #1: Get your favourite pen, marker, crayola and some paper.
Draw a continuous line for 8 counts’ worth of time and then start the next 8 below, keeping to the time of the music.
You will just see a bunch of lines on your paper.
NOw listen to the song again, and divide the lines into verses of 4 lines each. (It’s not foolproof but it’s the standard. YOu may hear 4, 4, 4, 2, 4, 2 for example). The sum of all lines however will add up to an even number mathematically. Yep!

Godanz Musicality Tip#2: How much do you think about steps, rather than letting the music move you? Active listening=visualizing ups/downs, shapes, hard/soft, quiet/loud and translating that to your movement, or your partner’s movement, or both. 

Godanz Musicality Tip#3: It also takes technique to be very musical: mostly good balance (weight transfer and posture), frame (the right muscle tension, knowing when and how much to resist or let go moment to moment) and breathing (if u hold ur breath, muscles become more tense than they need to be and you feel too stiff=off time, clunky).

For a follower to always stay balanced at a strong intermediate level:  Take a step with your RFoot forward at put your weight down at only 50% between both feet. Your ribcage should be in between your feet. Now move your ribcage over that RF to 90%. Now you have completed the step, and are anchored through the back foot. If you’re dancing in partners, let his body transfer complete 50 to 90%. So you never speed into a committed step. You are able to change your weight in a split second (30/70 or 40/60 etc). This way he can change direction quickly and with ease, to express the music.
Recap: Your ribcage dictates where your weight is through your feet.
Your sternum leads the way, whether dancing forwards or backwards.
Always shuffle the balls of your feet and use both feet for your steps, not one at a time. 


GoDanz Musicality Tip#4:

Listen to music in 2 bars, ie 12341234= 8 counts =a MEASURE. There is a relationship between both sets of 4 which does become recognizable to the ear eventually.
You shouldn’t confuse 5 with the second 1.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 *
1 2 3 4

Therefore, knowing where 1 is in the song, is a Big Deal. It’s the equivalent of the capital letter of your sentence. It’s steady like a metronome-a constant ticking.

For the long version of this, go to this link!

GoDanz Musicality Tip#5:

An excellent way to improve your musicality (to juice your dance) is to hum to the different parts of music…ex: vocals, piano, highhat, drums, bass.




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