Thinkers and Feelers in Dance -Which one are you?

What kind of learning style do you have? Know this and become a better dancer! Little background story: I always wondered why in dance studios, instructors always catered to a certain kind of learner ie ‘just do as i say, follow my instructions, (and too bad if u don’t get it’). Kinda discouraging! I realized i […]


(This post was written on Sunday Kizomba Social facebook group. Many people encouraged me to start a blog, so here it is, with a few minor adjustments.) Being turned down to a dance can create quite a range of reactions, from ‘I’m ok with this’ to ‘pff…whatever’, to pain and even anger. It can even […]

REAL TALK- Part 1 Which Dancer Type Are You, in the Social Dance Scene?

PART 1- Hey Gentlemen…Which type of Kizomba Dancer are you? Each one has its strengths and weaknesses…. Ladies, have fun reading this! (PART 2 are caricatures of Women Kizomba Dancers) 1) Simple Yet Effective Dancer: (+) He’s smooth, confident, has solid basics, is very present and gives his energy to you. The repetition is often […]