Thinkers and Feelers in Dance -Which one are you?

What kind of learning style do you have? Know this and become a better dancer! Little background story: I always wondered why in dance studios, instructors always catered to a certain kind of learner ie ‘just do as i say, follow my instructions, (and too bad if u don’t get it’). Kinda discouraging! I realized i […]

Part 2- What type of Dance Follower are You? REAL TALK

This is written all in fun, about the ladies, for the men to agree with or disagree with. Remember there are strengths and weaknesses for each type. Note that leaders and followers can be male or female.  1. The Man Whisperer (+) This seductress gets ‘right in there’, so if you like cozy, you’re in for […]

REAL TALK- Part 1 Which Dancer Type Are You, in the Social Dance Scene?

PART 1- Hey Gentlemen…Which type of Kizomba Dancer are you? Each one has its strengths and weaknesses…. Ladies, have fun reading this! (PART 2 are caricatures of Women Kizomba Dancers) 1) Simple Yet Effective Dancer: (+) He’s smooth, confident, has solid basics, is very present and gives his energy to you. The repetition is often […]