Note that these are not on during winter/spring 2017…

move to music flyerOne Wednesday a month, Stephanie teaches a unique 3-hour Musicality Intensive focused on about 3 topics each time.

7-10pm with a short break. $25 or pre-pay $40 for any 2.

Aug 31 – Tarraxinha n Musicality w focus on body isolations, leading n following, 16 counts, upbeat n downbeat. (changed from aug 24)

Sept 28- Imitate what you hear-Punctuate, Accentuate! (changed from Aug 21)
Oct 19 – Contrast: The Spice of Life- Styling and Body Isolations to MUSIC!
Nov 16- 8s, 16s, 32s, how to predict what comes next for amazing musicality

(There will be a break til January)

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